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When people ask me who I'd vote for, I always say, "Mar Roxas. Obvious ba?"
Posted by Yel Cobile, IT Admin & Correspondent on March 26, 2016, 8:50 am

(By Leonora Galvez)

 We vote for candidates in whom we see a bit of ourselves. I'm not a rich person. I have been poor for most of my life and now, I work from 8am to 6pm pushing papers from one department to the next hoping that my ideas will catch on and become an actual thing.

And this is why I am voting for Mar Roxas.

I'd have also asked Mayor Romualdez to sign that piece of paper making official the turnover of responsibility from the local government to the national government. If Mayor Romualdez wouldn't sign it, I'd have helped him anyway because I'm not a complete jerk. Nobody is. The Yolanda aftermath was devastating to watch for all of us. Everyone wanted to help. But I'd have insisted on the document still because every office worker knows that division of responsibilities and making clear each team member's accountabilities should be done in writing. Documentation makes performance and financial audits more efficient. It is also a deterrent for slacking off and mishandling funds. I have several documents of this sort in my office computer and they serve their purpose very well.

And I have been accused of incompetence and weak leadership as well. To be fair, I don't look the part at all. I'm soft spoken unless my temper gets the better of me which sometimes happens. But I never curse and I let people win arguments. It is quite rare that I would insist. How can this be leadership? Because the people I work with leave a project happy, confident and stronger. They own their tasks, they care about getting them right, and they protest when they think I'm mistaken. I consider this display of confidence and defiance and passion for their own vision my greatest achievement. A dictatorlike management style creates meek followers. It does not create more leaders.

I am voting for Mar Roxas because office politics is but a scaled down version of government politics. There will always be that guy who never stops finding fault. He just wants to sound smart and maybe get a promotion. There will always be that guy who yells to scare people into submission. He's just not sure he will win the argument with the volume down. There will always be that guy who manages to find an opportunity to highlight his accomplishments however minor. There will always be that guy whose thing is to collect sympathy in whatever means possible. It's never just a headache. It's always a migraine.

And there will always be that guy who simply has no sense of humor. It's sad really. It'll be harder for him to connect to people and they'll roll their eyes when he bothers to be charming. And he will try (maybe a little too hard) because EVERYONE now needs to be people person. You have to leave job interviews establishing quite firmly that you are a people person. Gray is the new black, orange is the new pink and being a people person is the new smart.

But who are we kidding? Nothing replaces smart and prepared. Nothing replaces statistical data in measuring performance and work done and targets met. (If you disagree, then whatever it is you do you're not doing it very well. Just ask Google and Twitter and Facebook. They all make billions using stats.) Nothing replaces documentation in preventing misuse of funds. Nobody needs to die. That is just way too dramatic. We just need to be able to trace where the money went. Documentation is also an invaluable tool in crime fighting. CCTV cameras, blotter reports, stats and data analysis help keep us safe through prevention and efficient apprehension. We can target our limited resources and manpower in the right areas where historically crime happens more often. The key to practically everything is quality reporting and smart forecasting. This is the approach that Secretary Roxas describes. Of course, this isnt something that Robin Padilla and Philip Salvador and Fernando Poe Jr. would think to do. That's why they have devoted their careers to the colorful and fictional world of Showbiz.

I'm voting for the dork in glasses spewing statistical data in debates. In the real world, this reliance on hard facts, innovations, consulations and negotiations are the strategies that work.

Calling the attention of all boring clerks, report makers and geeky office managers.  If we all look into our everyday lives, we already know this to be true.

P.S. Someone will comment that Duterte could do a better job as DILG or as a central figure in the Yolanda aftermath. (How predictable) We will never know, won't we? Because he never did step up to take on a responsibility of NATIONAL scope.

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