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10th May 2016
Mercados dominate again, Duterte wins by 20k over Roxas
Posted by Jani Arnaiz, Chief Editor on May 10, 2016, 1:32 pm


May 10, 2016

MAASIN CITY, Southern Leyte – The Mercado dynasty continued their dominance in the Southern Leyte province and in the city with an addition to a son-in-law winning as Board Member.

Gov. Roger Mercado, who switched place with younger brother Rep. Damian as lone Representative of the province winning with a big margin (111,340 ) against lawyer and former St. Bernard mayor Rico Rentuza(56,882).

Rep. Damian Mercado who slide down to run as governor won by a landslide (108,190) against Vice Governor Sheffered Tan(68,800).

Association of Barangay Captain Federation president Nacional Mercado swept his rival former Maasin mayor Gerry Dator in the mayoralty position in the city with 27,946 votes vs. Dator’s 10,811. Nacional is the son of gov. Roger Mercado.

Gov. Mercado’s son-in-law Leoncio Uy, Jr. won as board member in the second district.

The Mercados run under LP banner.

Three days before the election a viral video posted in So Good Southern leyte FB page showing a man berating five men allegedly with high-powered firearms asking who hired them. The five fearfully answered Damian Mercado.

In loud voice, the man (supposedly Vice Gov. Tan) repeated the question to answer also in loud voice.

The Mercados, however, denied the allegations saying “why would we do it when we were winning.”

Tan filed as vice governor of Gov. Roger Mercado under Liberal Party but days before the deadline for substitution he substituted Board Member Albert Exclamado who run as Governor under UNA.

At least 15 mayoralty bets under LP won in the province’ 19 municipalities including the city of Maasin.

In the Presidential race in Maasin, Davao mayor Rodrigo Duterte got a small margin of only over 3,000 with 20,789 votes against LP bet Mar Roxas’ 16,925. Duterte was born in Laboon village in the city and even studied in grade one at the Laboon elementary school.

Duterte volunteers in the city reportedly blames small winning margin to alleged straight vote-buying campaign of the administration party.

In the province, Duterte got 85,114 votes against Roxas’ 68,309. Poe garnered 8,,072.

For vice president Leni Robredo won with 88,013. While Duterte’s got 36,919 and Marcos, 29,395.

In June last year Duterte attended the Roa clan grand reunion in Laboon where his mother came from. He has not declared a presidential candidate.

In march this year, he was practically mobbed in his campaign sortie at city’s bus terminal.






9th May 2016
Maasin City Comelec partial official result @40 percent
Posted by Jani Arnaiz, Chief Editor on May 9, 2016, 7:50 pm

Official result

  MERCADO 13,814  
  RENTUZA 3,543  
  MERCADO 13,711  
  TAN 4,260  
  YAP 9,100  
  GAMALI 1,683  
  ESCLAMADO 4,088  
  BANTUG 10,360  
  EDILLO 8,411  
  ESCANO 7,728  
  IDJAO 7,042  
  RESOS 5,858  
  ASTORGA 2,800  
  DUMANGCAS 1,594  
  CAMUS 1,338  
  MERCADO 11,593  
  DATOR 4,780  
  SAMACO 11,319  
  SIBI 4,302  
  ABIERA, EFFIE 13,004  
  GERONG, RAFAEL JR. 9,950  
  VERANO, FELIX 9,123  
  ROJAS, BOY 8,946  
  DUBLAN, MELVIN 8,224  
  OLITA, ZALDY 8,167  
  DUMAGAN-CRUZ 2,280  


Update on VCM malfunction
Posted by Jani Arnaiz, Chief Editor on May 9, 2016, 2:31 pm


May 9, 2016

MAASIN CITY, Southern Leyte – Voting continued in two clustered precincts even without using of Vote Counting Machines (VCMs)as voters consented that they will proceed with voting.

Though VCM replacement arrived hours later in the clustered precinct located at Tomas Oppus Pilot school in Mantahan village this city, however, the one in Guadalupe has no replacement yet as of 2:00 p.m., Richy Blasabas, Smartmatic technician assigned at the city poll office told the Inquirer.

He said the VCM that malfunctioned in Guadalupe will be replaced as soon as the go signal from the National Technical Service Office arrives. “The voting will continue and the ballots will be kept by the BEI. All these have the consent of the Comelec.”

Voting stops in two cluster precincts
Posted by Jani Arnaiz, Chief Editor on May 9, 2016, 10:10 am



May 9, 2016

MAASIN CITY – Voting stops in 2 cluster precincts in Mantahan and Guadalupe villages after the VCMs misread or come out without results.

The cluster precincts comprise eight precincts or roughly more than thousand voters.

According to Richy Blasabas of Smartmatic technician assigned at the city Comelec office, after they tried cleaning or inspection of the VCMs still no result comes out prompting them to call the National Technical Service Office what to do. He said they have standby VCM for replacement.

The voting stops after more than ten tries which rendered the same results.



7th May 2016
The ugly face of Southern Leyte politics
Posted by Jani Arnaiz, Chief Editor on May 7, 2016, 10:30 am


May 7, 2016

MAASIN CITY – Politics in Southern Leyte revealed its ugly face at the homestretch of the campaign period when father and son who are in the opposite side washed dirty linen in campaign sorties.

Only on Friday, allegation of hired goons to harm a mayor went viral in the social pages of Southern Leytenos.

Vice governor Sheffered Tan, who is running for governor under UNA and his father former Vice Gov. Orlando Tan, who is allied with the camp of Southern Leyte Rep. Damian Mercado who is running for Governor against the younger Tan, exchanged their personal grudge in their respective rallies.

“Don’t vote for Sheffered Tan because he is disrespectful of his parents and remiss in his job as the vice governor of the province,” said the elder Tan in a meeting de avance of the Liberal party in San Juan town where he was the formal mayor.

In an interview, Vice gov. Tan said he has a controversial childhood because he really didn’t know who his real father is.

“I could still remember how he brought me up as a child. It’s like I am not his son. I’m like Poe (Grace),” said Tan.

He added that when he was a mayor of Sogod, he made a mistress one of my employees. “This might be the reason why I’m estranged with him.”

Vice governor Tan on Friday at around 10:00 in morning called the Sogod Police station that they accosted five persons with arms including the van driver who he believed was hired by his rival Rep. Damian Mercado to kill his wife, Sogod mayor Emmie Tan after he reportedly berated and hit the alleged suspects.

According to Tan, his attention was called when his leaders saw a suspicious van in Mabicay village. He said he immediately went to the area with his men and confronted the suspects.

When he asked who hired them they said Rep. Damian Mercado.

“I admit I hit some of them because they said they were hired by Mercado to kill his wife,” Tan told The Reporter online in an interview at the police station.

How would you react to that. It’s my wife they are going to kill? Tan said justifying his action to hit.

His rival though belied the accusation of Tan saying it’s his desperate move to gain sympathizers. It’s a drama to say the least, Mercado said in mobile interview Saturday morning.

“We are winning why we should do that. Everybody in Sogod or Southern Leyte for that matter knew who I am. I don’t employ with that kind of action in all my political life.” Mercado said adding his line of questioning to the suspects was bereft with motives.

“I don’t know who they are. It’s their drama.”

Earlier in an interview with the driver, Rodulfo Vargas of Hilongos town said he was told by his employer, Vanvan transport, to go to Sogod because somebody would hire their van.

He said he didn’t know who hired the van. When asked if his passenger were bringing with them guns, he said he didn’t know.

The suspects did not make any statement.

According to the police chief Police senior Inspector Kenny Tantiado a policemen assigned near the area called us and we responded. “When we arrived the five were already sitting on the ground.”

He said they will conduct further investigation on what really transpired.

Tantiado identified the five as Fromencio Alconten Diolas, 46 married of Papaya, San Vicente, Butuan City, Wilfred Agustin Penig, 33, of Poblacion, Sibugat, Agusan del Sur, Leo Diolan, 53, married Bgy. Makasil, Butuan City, Ben de Paz, 47, married of Bgy. Rizal, Sogod, Southern Leyte and the driver, Rodulfo Vargas, 49 married of Hilongos town

Viral video on “hired killers”

A video showing four persons berated by a man, supposedly Vice Gov. Tan, repeatedly asking who hired them and what gun they use. Each of the four answered Damian Mercado but the man asking told to make it louder. The video also showed guns sprawled in the ground. The video was posted in So Good Southern Leyte went viral. It earned 171,462 views, 3,775 shares and 800 comments.

Two other videos residents in the village narrating what transpired at the “crime scene” posted by FB account Sogod So. Leyte Terrorism, also went viral with combined 28,700 views and 800 shares in just few hours. The two videos supposedly posted by the Mercado camp.


13th April 2016
"Rod" show conquers San Miguel, Bulacan
Posted by Jani Arnaiz, Chief Editor on April 13, 2016, 6:28 am

SAN MIGUEL, Bulacan – Mayor Rodrigo Duterte just added this town to the list of its conquests. Duterte’s admirers swiftly demolished perceptions he is weak in this town by a riotous welcome reserved only for hometown favorites. No one could miss the landing site because of the long lines of vehicles waiting for the arrival of the front-running presidential candidate. 

There was no hint of any effect of the desperate demolition job resorted to be his pursuers. If any, it served only to fire up the welcoming party even more. After a brief press conference at the landing site after Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, organizers aborted the announced motorcade due to time constraints, but it made little difference.

Duterte rewarded the patience of those who stood in line to wait for him when he opened the door of the van carrying him to the rally venue to wave and smile at them as he passed by. Some were more fortunate because they were able to shake his hands during the time Duterte’s convoy had to stop due to heavy traffic. Mobile phones and cameras were aimed at the passing convoy, recording the moment to prove how important it was to their owners.


8th April 2016
Maasin Police nabs man with 20K worth shabu
Posted by Jani Arnaiz, Chief Editor on April 8, 2016, 9:30 am

April 7, 2016

MAASIN CITY – A 32-year old jobless man suspected of dealing illegal drugs was arrested after a crack team from the city police office pounded on his rented apartment at around 3:00 pm. Thursday.

PSupt. Alex Dang-aoen, who led the police team identified the suspect as Jomar Balboa Escuyos of Combado village this city.

On the strength of a search warrant issued by Regional Trial Court of Hilongos, Leyte Judge Ephraem Abando, Dang-aoen and his team went to the suspect’s rented apartment at KSJ street, Manatahan village this city to serve the search warrant but the suspect did not open the door prompting police operatives to knock the door open.


29th March 2016
Local campaign to boost Roxas rating--Drilon
Posted by Jani Arnaiz, Chief Editor on March 29, 2016, 1:15 am

March 28, 2016

MAASIN CITY – Senate President Franklin Drilon reiterated the LP camp’s belief that when the local campaign starts, the rating of their LP bet for President Mar Roxas will improved.

“It’s a big thing for us (local campaign) because our LP party has the biggest campaign machineries in terms of local candidates and we are confident that it will help a lot for Mar, Roxas,” Drilon told Maasinreporter.com in an ambush interview.

He also lambasted their opponents for claiming that the LP is using 4Ps program for their political propaganda. “They said we are using the bridge program for politicking but now they said they will continue the 4Ps and even said they will expand it into 5Ps.”


23rd March 2016
'Who are we to say no to him,' Gov. Mercado on Duterte run
Posted by Jani Arnaiz, Chief Editor on March 23, 2016, 7:50 pm

March 22, 2016

MAASIN CITY -- Southern Leyte Governor Roger Mercado, a member of the Liberal Party (LP), stopped short of endorsing the presidential bid of his "fellow Maasinhon" Rodrigo Duterte, who came home to his hometown for a campaign sortie on March 22.

"Please I have an announcement to all and sundry, we cannot disassociate ourselves in terms of culture, blood, and relationship. Here is a person who claims and is very proud to claim that he was born in Maasin, Southern Leyte. Who are we to say no to him?" said Mercado as he settled across Mayor Duterte, who arrived several minutes ahead of the governor. The mayor was set to leave when Mercado arrived.

Mercado ended with "Mayor, we are proud of you as a Southern Leyteño. We will pray hard that you will become the president of this country."

When a reporter asked Mercado if it was an endorsement, Mayor Duterte stopped him saying, “I respect their position. I have been in politics for several years. I visited the LP governor to pay respects, no impositions."


DOH distributes TSeKaP packages to health stations in Southern Leyte
Posted by Yel Cobile, IT Admin & Correspondent on March 23, 2016, 7:07 am

(By Rebecca G. Cadavos, 23 March 2016)

MAASIN CITY, Southern Leyte, Mar. 23 (PIA) – Around 128 “Tamang Serbisyo para sa Kalusugan ng Pamilya” (TSeKaP) packages were distributed to Rural health Units/Barangay Health Stations in Southern Leyte in a ceremonial turn-over ceremony held March 22, 2016 at the Provincial Coliseum here.

The turn-over ceremony was led by Department of Health Secretary Janette Loreto-Garin and Gov. Roger G. Mercado with DOH8 Regional Director Minerva P. Molon, SOYMPH Provincial Health Officer II Dr. Edmund Villa, DOH Representative in Southern Leyte Dr. Verna Fernandez, among the few.

Each TSeKaP health package includes (1) Blood Pressure Apparatus with Stethoscope; (1) Glucometer for measurement of blood sugar; (2) No contact Thermometers; (2) Nebulizers for Asthma relief; and a Dressing Kit which include scissors, clamp, needle holder, kidney basin, etc.

In an orientation presented by Dr. Perla Ernacio from the regional DOH, the distribution of TSeKaP packages aims to equip LGUs with essential medical equipment that will allow them to provide basic health services to PhilHealth beneficiaries. “This showed that the DOH continuously support and upgrade primary care services while focusing on public health efforts in areas where most families are poor and can access the health services of the government,” Ernacio stated.


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